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The Poodle

Standard poodles are a very special breed. It is important to learn what they want and need.


Why We're Special

Learn more about what you get when you purchase a poodle from us.


From Puppy Owners

Here are some kind words from some families who have made forever homes for our pups!

The Standard Poodle Breed

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Maryland Standard Poodle Puppies are beautiful, smart and have wonderful temperaments. They are fun and family friendly, but require your attention as well as clipping and grooming every six to eight weeks and brushing inbetween. Puppies are puppies until they are almost two years old, although standards tend to be calmer than many other dogs as puppies, they still chew, jump, bark, and are not house broken or crate trained when they come to your home! Please familiarize yourself with the time and attention required to train and care for a puppy. 


Is a Standard Poodle Puppy for you? 
Please read about this fun, highly intelligent, athletic and beautiful breed and ask yourself if it will be the right fit for your lifestyle. Good poodle and puppy information sites online include the Poodle Club of America ( and the American Kennel Club (


Are you ready to love and care for a Standard Poodle puppy as a family member that will likely live to about 12-15 years ?

The initial cost of a puppy: The cost to buy a AKC registered standard poodle puppy may run from around $1000 on up to over $3,000. Our puppies are sold for $2,500. Our price reflects the quality of this line, validated by conformation Championships, and the attention given to the health and nurturing of the mother and her litter. We also consider our time spent with you, the buyer, before, during and after you take a puppy home.

Ongoing and Long term costs: Veterinarian fees, flea and tick and heartworm meds, food, beds, crates, toys, bowls, leashes, collars and grooming costs--- add up very quickly. Add in a few socks, shoes, and other potential chewed items too! And I always recommend a puppy class for YOU as well as for socializing the puppy!!!

Standard Poodles like all breeds have certain diseases for which they are at risk. Although we try to limit these through breeding practices, most of these have no genetic tests available. Please go to the Poodle Club of America for more information on these diseases.

What makes our pups so special?

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First and most importantly, these puppies are beautiful representations of an amazing breed.

Our puppies have wonderful temperaments and become loved and loving members of

their human families.

Other reasons:

Limited breeding (a planned litter every year)
Health testing of both parents
Selective and thoughtful breeding practices
Selective and thoughtful selling practices
Puppies are AKC registered
At least 5 generation pedigree provided
All puppies microchipped at nine weeks by breeder's Veterinarian
Puppies stay with breeder until 10 weeks old
Puppies raised in home with attention to all aspects of growth and development
Puppies sold with contract including limited health guarantee and breeder commitment
Spay/neuter contract for all pet puppies
No puppies are shipped
No credit card payment for puppies
We only breed Standard Poodles
We do not support or promote the breeding of designer puppies (labradoodles, golden doodles etc.)


When you pick a Maryland Standard Poodle...

You take home a puppy with instructions! PLUS : Food, a couple of familiar toys, a familiar scented piece of blanket, a puppy collar and leash--and of course our contact information! Also included is their health record, Microchip information, pedigree and AKC registration.

We are here for future questions and concerns: We are available to answer (or try to find an answer) any questions or concerns you may have for the life of your dog. We love to stay in touch with our pups and their families through pictures and email, and share some of this on our Facebook group page: Maryland Standard Poodles.

Our guarantee: All of the puppies in our breeding program will have many Champions in conformation in their pedigree. This validates the structural soundness and correct movement of the bitch or dog. Beyond that, we look to pair the parents to hopefully improve upon each as we strive for healthy, happy and conformationally correct puppies.


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Maryland Standard Poodles are the best ! I got my first ever standard poodle, Priscilla , 5 years ago and she is THE BEST! Healthy, never any issues, very athletic and driven, super smart and beautiful! Basically, the whole package! Julia is always there to answer any questions and concerns and truly cares about her “babies” as they enjoy their lives with their new families. Highly recommended! ~ owner of "Priscilla", Lady/Mondo 2014 litter

“She is a wonderful part of our family! She is quite an acrobat - runs flat out when given the chance, leaps and twirls at every opportunity - even when walking around the block, she will get up on her hind legs and hop along with her eyes on a squirrel! She is very healthy - a slim girl”   ~ owner of “Gracie”, Jada/Griffin 2009 litter

“Chessie continues to delight and amuse us. I will try to send some pics in honor of her upcoming birthday. I can hardly believe she is 2 years old! She is an amazing companion. Now that our pool is open again, she is enjoying playing fetch in the water.”  ~ owner of “Chessie”, Jada/Griffin 2011 litter. 


“Izzie is doing fine. She is an absolute darling and keeps us laughing with her antics. Her agility training is proceeding really well and more importantly, she loves it!   I will give her a big hug for you…she loves hugs and kisses as she is very affectionate.”  ~ owner of “Izzie”, Jada/Griffin 2011 litter.

“She is wonderful, beautiful and not too spoiled.  She seriously is a beauty.  She has the life, she is often able to run free and we make special trips for her and Jager all the time.  I guess when you are basically empty nesters...well they are our kids.  They own the house, demand walks and treats and have more fun then most dogs could imagine.  We have different properties that they run free through streams and forests.  We take them swimming and to dog I said, they are a great deal of our lives.”  ~ owner of “Lili”, Jada/Griffin litter 2009.  (Jager is her Doberman buddy)

I remember I picked her (Belle) up on Friday after work due to the big snow coming.  And I am so glad I did.  Nate, Belle and I have a ball every day". ~ owner of “Belle” Jada/Griffin litter, 2009, and “Nathan” Jada/Griffin litter 2011.

If you still think a puppy and this breed is right for you, call us and reserve your puppy now.

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