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Our Passion

is Our Poodles

We are Dave and Julia and we love sharing information about our poodles! When we decided to start our breeding program, we visited Victoria Law of Luminary Standard Poodles and brought home Jada, Luminary Rare Jade, in 2007.

Jada produced two litters with CH Luminary Flirtatious Wink (Griffin)! Lady, Jada's daughter, produced two litters with CH Luminary Son' Lo ReDel Mondo! Lady's daughter, Maggie (CH Maryland Luminary Magna), produced two litters with GCH L'Paige Islands in the Stream!

Absoluteluminary Victoria's Secret,"V", has had two litters.   Her first was with Vegas, CH Brighton Gamblin' Man O Couture, in 2018, and her second litter was with GCH L'Paige Islands in the Stream, in 2019.

V and Vegas's daughter, Hon (CH Maryland 5 Sisters Baltimore Beehive), was awarded a Conformation Championship in November, 2019.   

Hon had a litter of 3 in June, 2021 with GCH L'Paige Islands in the Stream, and a litter of 6 December 31, 2021 with CH Theory Starboy "Beck"!  

A second litter from Hon and Beck  ARE DUE AROUND JANUARY 28, 2023!!!!!  

Hon and Beck's daughter, Rezy, is now CH Maryland New Year's Resolution having been awarded her Conformation

Championship in December, 2022.  We hope to have beautiful puppies from Rezy in 2024!

Our Puppies


We plan one litter a year at Maryland Standard Poodles. Our puppies are beautiful, smart and have wonderful temperaments.


To learn more about our breeding practices and our puppies please click below!


Our Poodles


Our Maryland Standard Poodle family began almost twenty years ago and now has expanded to an extended poodle family of over sixty dogs living from Maryland to California. Our poodle family includes dogs who do conformation, agility, obedience, dock diving, hiking, boating, swimming, running, frisbee fetching, phenomenal retrieving (of balls)... you name it and one of our poodles has probably done it!

Our poodle family remains connected via a private Facebook page.

"Dogs are not our whole life, 
but they make our lives whole."
—Roger Caras

Contact Me / TEL: 443.532.7447

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